What funds do you need to start or grow your business?

Are you seeking short-term or long-term financing?

What funds do you need?  We work with your existing lender, SBA loans, revolving loan programs, Certified Development Corp (CDC), Certified Development Financial Institution (CDFI) or assist with crowdfunding options.

FundsOur advisers are trained in loan structuring. We will assist you with assessing funds, preparing financial projections, and the support documents needed for financing. We also look at the various sources of funding to connect you with a resource to fit your financing goals.

SBA Course: Financing Your Business

SBA funding programs outline access to lenders, investors, disaster assistance, surety bonds, and grants.

Forms to accompany your loan summary and financial projections often includeSBA413  and SBA912 along with 3 years income tax returns, business plan, and cash flow projections. An SBDC helps add value to the borrower by being an outside guidance on cash flow projections with industry specific financial ratios to substantiate projections.

SBA 504 Interest Rates

SBA 504 Loan Checklist

SBA 7A Checklist

If you are searching a lender, try the SBA Lender Match! This gives access to a number of banks, who then can contact you based on type of assistance you are seeking.

NAV is another source to help a business find financing and to build business credit score. Visit their site to compare loan calculators, find your business credit score.

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