MarketingSBDC Advisors can order a custom advertising and marketing package for a clients’ business from our SBDC Research Team –ask your SBDC advisor, it’s no fee.  Are you trying to determine how to build your lead list?   SBDC advisors have resources to help you identify the market.  Paris SBDC advisors may also provide you additional tools to build the SEO of your online marketing plan.  Ask us how!

SBA Marketing Plan your marketing strategy should be a part of your business plan which you adjust periodically to the goals.  Your budget should include advertising as ongoing cost of business.  

Know the difference in branding and marketing. 

Why? It’s a low-cost, high-time investment way to:

How to Market Your Business Tips/Resources:

Free Resources:social media


Hard to do everything, so use these to make your time more efficient and follow mentions

Hashtags insight – Join the conversation – not just for twitter

Check these out to determine hashtags to use, using hashtags isn’t intuitive for everyone 🙂
o RiteTag – size audience following
o Sprout Social
o Twitter native – see whats trending
o – trending hashtags by location
o #tagdef – provides definition of a hashtag
o Tagboard

Content (images, web/mobile apps)

o Canva (great for various sizes of messages) or Adobe


o Ripl – videos or Promo

Phone apps to help you take the photo and use on social:

o Collage
o Typorama
o Text on Photo
o Photshopfix
o LightroomCC

Snapseed for iphone

Need to resize your photos? PicResize – an online free tool

More to come on SEO

Find Tips/tools at 

Training Online Free resources to learn more how-to’s

Training – need more instruction?

We support local. If you have a local marketing business serving our region, please contact us us know so we can refer you! We refer at least 3 business as applicable of an industry.  Our goal is to support our local business owners, Paris SBDC has a referral policy as provided by NTSBDC and our state leadership to provide you reliable, collaborative resources. 

Contact us for more information.

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