Human ResourcesNow you need employees what is next?  SBA Introduction to Human Resources – online information on key management issues. The IRS Video Portals cover many common topics?

Do you outsource some responsibilities to another agency rather than an employee? Perhaps a consultant? Make sure you understand the difference between employees and contract labor. Contract labor is not an employee. See IRS guidelines,

As you add employees, you will want to do fundamentals on handling the reporting and taxing responsibilities of Human Resources.

Do you have an EIN, employer identification number? With link, this can be obtained online, or see the other methods. Tip: Determine/file your organizational structure before applying for an EIN.

Set up an account with TWC, Texas Workforce Commission, for unemployment taxes. Review other links for Employers information. The Required posters by the State of Texas can be download free Texas Workforce Required & Optional Posters.

HR – Department of Labor link for required employer poster

Now you need a job description, job listing, employee policy – you will find Texas Workforce Solution can assist with job listings. Review the Equal Opportunity Commission Tips for Small Business for guidance. Also refer to the EEOC Small Business Resources. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Various positions may have additional requirements. Perhaps you are recruiting for particular credentials? Do you seek a background check? If so, read background checks and waiver and release of liability form. Be aware of laws surrounding job references and background checks. SHRM is a good source of employer guidance ; see information charts on employoers using background checks.

OSHA know the workplace safety requirements.

Texas Workforce Solutions: Many people do not realize all the resources Texas Workforce Solutions offers business in on-the-job programs and employer development. Look for grants programs for subsidize wages.

Recruiting Employees:

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Workforce Training, PJC is here to help! Did you know PJC provides in-house custom training? Contact Workforce Education

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