Every Business Needs A Business Plan

Let us help guide you through each stage of starting and managing your business.

Business PlanEvery business needs a business plan.  Many may start a business without this unless an outside organization requires it. We recommend every business have a plan to set goals and benchmarks as well as define the operations.

How to write a business plan is one of the most frequent request of our office! So let us take the stress off the how-to, with voice of experience and steps for your to follow.

This plan should be a roadmap of your operations! This is a resources for the businesses to create their marketing plan and financial expectations.

How we can help:

  1. Access a sample  (alphabetical on SBDCNet) specific for an industry.
  2. Link to Liveplan so we can collaborate online
  3. Provide a workable template to guide you (email us to request).
  4. We supply market research to support the objectives and identify key strategies. Market research is something most small businesses do not have readily accessible.
  5. We help with financial projections. How? We help you create a revenue model and detail expenses. Also, our center has access to industry market research to validate viability of estimates. Lenders need to know the projections are realistic. We can provide you an excel template to connect the pieces together, and our Liveplan subscription also assist in creating revenue projections, charts, and reports.

Learn about business plan templates with the Here.

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